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Working capital loans increase cash flexibility. With multiple pathways to cash, there’s a solution for you!


A working capital loan gives you capital to spend anywhere you need to target expenses. Take care of utility, payroll, and repair costs without incurring late payment penalties, service disruptions, or a leaky talent pool. Use a working capital loan to launch a new project or cover a slump in sales. With a wide range of working capital financing options available, our brokers can match you with the right solutions in no time. Even if you have a low credit score, you can still save on working capital financing.

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Factoring lets you turn your accounts receivable into working capital, before your customers pay. Sell invoices, purchase orders, or contracts to a factor and get paid based on their value right away. Then, your customers send payment directly to the factor. Remaining funds are forwarded to you, after a small factoring fee. Factoring is not a loan and won’t add debt to your balance sheet. Instead, factoring is a sale of company assets that allows you to accelerate your cash flow. Don’t wait months to receive payment for goods and services you’ve already delivered. Get the working capital you need now to bring in inventory, supplies, and labor for your next big job. Factoring also reduces pressure on your accounting team, since the factor handles your accounts receivable tasks. Bundle multiple accounts or all the invoices for one account under one factoring agreement. Ask your broker for details.

Line of Credit

When you need convenient access to capital at your fingertips, choose a line of credit. Lines of credit let you borrow as often as you need to without applying for a second loan. Choose a secured account, using assets to secure your line of credit, or pick an unsecured account, which uses your credit score to qualify. Once approved, you can tap into the line as often as you like, up to your established limit. Lines of credit are perfect for businesses that rely on seasonal income. They can help meet expenses during the slow part of the year and be paid down when business is booming. You only pay interest on the balance on your account. So, you can keep a zero balance account open without incurring interest charges. Payments into the account free up borrowing power for the future. To find out what a line of credit can do for you, speak with a broker.


Sale-leasebacks are ideal for companies that have equipment assets to leverage and want to increase their cash flow without saying goodbye to the machines and tech they use every day. In a sale-leaseback, your company sells its equipment to a buyer who gives a percentage of the asset’s value in a lump sum payment. Instead of handing over the equipment, however, it stays in place under a lease agreement with the new buyer. A sale-leaseback is a great way to boost working capital without disrupting your workflow. When your lease is up, you can choose to buy back, renew, or swap out for new equipment. Depending on your lease terms, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades may also be covered, taking those expenses off your plate. It’s easy to qualify, even if you don’t have a high credit score. Find out more about how a sale-leaseback can help your small business by consulting with a qualified broker today.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are asset-based financing that bring in working capital without having to wait through a long approval process. Unlike traditional loans, most hard money loans come from private lenders. That means your application can be fast-tracked so you can have the capital you need sooner. The key to hard money loans is the value of the asset you choose to leverage. This takes the pressure off your credit rating so you can qualify even if you have bad credit. You’ll get a lump sum of working capital based on the value of your asset in a short-term loan. Hard money loans work well for fix and flip CRE investors, seasonal businesses, and those with low credit scores. Short-term loans require careful planning to prepare to pay off the loan in a few months or a few years, depending on the loan’s term. They also require valuable assets to secure the loan, such as real estate, equipment, or inventory. Speak with a broker to learn more about hard money loans.


If Working Capital Isn’t what you are looking for, try:

SBA 7 (A) Loan

This loan from the Small Business Association can give you working capital plus real estate funding, so you can renovate your next property investment. Based on the property’s ARV, extra cash is built into the loan, providing working capital for all types of projects. Ask us how.

SBA 7 (a) Loan

Bridge Loan

A bridge loan helps your business get from closing day to long-term financing on CRE properties. Make a cash offer now, and replace the bridge loan with a commercial mortgage when you’re ready. Find out what bridge loans can do when you speak with our qualified brokers.

Bridge Loans




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