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Real estate investing is an exciting way to earn revenue, but that revenue is limited by your existing holdings. When your CRE earnings have maxed out, expand your company’s footprint with new investment properties. We make it affordable!

Real Estate Financing

You can start expanding your footprint today with the help of our lender network. Build your real estate portfolio by acquiring new properties and asset classes when you have the right financing. Upgrade your holdings to a higher class by adding amenities and improving structural details to force appreciation. You can accomplish both with a CRE loan from our network of reliable lenders. We connect investors with private, government, and rehab loans with low rates so they can expand and earn. Buy & hold or fix & flip with specially-designed loans that work with your investment plans. Speak with a broker for details.

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Grow your portfolio faster when you finance your next investment property with our lender network. Buy and hold or fix and flip. Regardless of which strategy you prefer, we can get you the right financing at the right price. Don’t hesitate to add a good broker to your investment team, call us today!

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Juggling debt is nobody’s favorite task, but it’s often a reality in our economic climate. The more debts you have, the easier it is to lose track of which payment goes where and when. Overdraft charges, late fees, and service interruptions can pile up until they threaten to sink your business’s finances. When you take advantage of a consolidation loan, you put all your debts under one roof. One payment, one due date, and one lender. You can also reduce the amount of interest you pay each month, giving you more freedom with your capital. Since your old debts are paid off by the consolidation loan, it can even help raise your credit score. Take the hassle out of debt management and put all of your debt under one roof. To find out how to get the best rates on consolidation financing for your business, contact our brokers now.

SBA 7a & 504

A low credit score can be discouraging, but it doesn’t have to stop you from investing in commercial real estate. Small business loans are a low-cost financing solution for borrowers seeking to buy new property, but who have been turned down by lenders in the past. With capped interest rates and low minimum down payments, SBA loans make CRE affordable. There are many options available, so you can choose which is right for your business. SBA 7a loans offer variable and fixed-rate financing for up to 25 years. SBA 504 loans are fixed-rate loans with 20 or 25-year terms. If you’re looking to renovate and resell property, an SBA 7a lets you roll working capital into your real estate loan so you can pay for remodeling. To find out if your business is eligible for low-cost financing through the SBA, speak our team.

Fix & Flip

Your business can’t earn money from fix & flip investing if it’s not affordable to buy property. The first step in any successful plan is financing the purchase of real estate. Fix and flip loans let you combine purchase and renovation costs into one loan, so you don’t have to apply more than once. Lenders use the ARV of the property to determine the loan, so you have extra cash to spend on improvements. Once you’re ready to resell, simply pay off the loan from your profits. Not ready to sell? You can refinance your fix and flip loan into a commercial mortgage when you want to move to long-term financing. Our lenders have experience in the local market and are often rehabbers themselves. We’ll connect you with a qualified lender who can give you the best deal.

Investment Properties

Investment properties generate income from tenants month after month. They include hotels, apartments, warehouses, retail spaces, and mixed-use properties among others. While they must be carefully managed and monitored for growth opportunities, these properties represent relatively passive income for CRE investors. But to start earning, you need to onboard the property first. We make buying investment properties affordable, whether you’re looking to commit long term or need short-term financing to get started. Our brokers will match you with low-interest rate options suited to your investment goals. Are you looking to invest in an entire subdivision or office park? We can help you find portfolio loans too! No investment is too large or too small for our lenders. Don’t waste time shopping around when our brokers can help you compare across lenders to find the best deals. Our first priority is your success, because when you succeed, so do we.


If real estate investing isn’t what you’re looking for, try:

Construction Loan

When the market is high, don’t buy – build instead! Construction loans offer tiered financing so you can build your success step by step without worrying about getting stuck with a full loan if problems arise. Don’t pay interest until your project is complete. Ask us to learn more.

Construction Loans

Bridge Loan

Bridge loans span the gap between the financing you need right now and the long-term loan you’re waiting for. Get a short-term bridge loan to finance a cash offer on property and replace it later when your commercial mortgage is approved. Don’t miss out on a great deal by waiting for long-term loans, ask us about bridge loans today.

Bridge Loans




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