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In a high-cost commercial real estate market, create your own opportunities by building instead of buying. Buy and develop land, cover your construction costs, and renovate to force appreciation with specialized construction loans designed to help you grow from the ground up!


Seeking to fund your next construction project? Be sure you have the right lender. Traditional lenders are reluctant to fund construction projects, even when you qualify. That’s because there’s more work and more risk involved. An incomplete project can result in the loss of their initial investment. It takes the right lender, with expertise in construction, to help you get the job done. Private lenders often prefer this loan category and are waiting for the right project to get behind. To connect with the right lender for your next construction project, get a broker on your team first! Brokers effectively match borrowers to the appropriate lenders to facilitate the process for success.

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Restricted cash flow doesn’t have to choke your business’s progress. Get access to working capital to put toward any business expense, wherever you need it, even if you have bad credit. With so many options available, your broker can match you with the right working capital solution today.

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Construction Loans

Buying commercial real estate comes with its share of problems. The ideal property isn’t always easy to find and when it is, market prices can put it out of your reach. If you’re having trouble finding the right property, it’s time to take control. Build the property you want with an affordable construction loan from our private lender network. Construction loans aren’t like traditional lump sum loans. They’re tiered financing customized to your building project. You’ll work with a lender to establish construction milestones, vet contractors, and handle inspections. When the first phase of your project is complete, your lender releases funding for the next phase. If you should hit a snag along the way, you’re only responsible for the milestones that have been paid out, not the full loan amount. As you build, you make interest-only payments, keeping your cash flow free. To find the best lender in your area, contact a broker today.

Owner Occupied

Owner occupied commercial real estate (OOCRE) loans help you build property for your business’s operations. Construct retail space, a new HQ, or a distribution hub that you’ll use to expand and grow. Lenders appreciate owner-builders because they know they’re personally invested in the project’s success. You’ll find lower rates on owner occupied construction loans versus standard construction, and qualify for potential tax advantages when you’re building space for your own business. As long as you meet the loan’s minimum occupation requirements, you’re free to rent out additional space for extra income. Some minimums are as low as 51% of the building’s usable space. As owner of the property, you can make renovations and upgrades at will while diversifying your company’s holdings. Never worry about your rent going up or fighting for improvements again. Our brokers will listen to your business goals and match you with experienced lenders at competitive rates.

Land Acquisition & Development Loans

Every construction project begins with land. Before you build, let our lenders help you get started with a land acquisition and development loan. A&D loans cover the costs of buying land, clearing debris, grading, surveying, and utility infrastructure like roads and sewage. You’ll get guidance with permitting, contracting, and inspections from a lender who knows the process inside and out. Even if you have the cash flow to cover A&D expenses, a loan lets you preserve capital and maintain flexibility. The more experience you gain in development, the easier it is to procure funding the next time you have a project planned. A&D loans also help you upgrade existing property when you need to make site improvements for storm drainage, utility improvements, and road construction. Before you get started building, ask a broker to connect you with an experienced lender that works with A&D loans.

Term to Perm

The average construction loan is structured so that you pay only the interest on the loan while you’re still building. Once the project is complete, it’s time to pay the principal. But not every business is prepared to make this lump sum payment at the end of the loan term. Term to perm loans help you transition from short-term construction lending to a long-term commercial mortgage. The construction loan principal will be paid off and replaced by low-interest financing that lets you pay on a longer timeline. Choose this option for build-and-hold investment strategies and let revenue-generating properties pay off the loan for you. Or, use this option for owner-occupied properties that help you build business equity. We’ll show you innovative financing solutions to help you make a smooth transition to the new loan. Ask our brokers how a term to perm loan can work for you today.


If customized space isn’t what you’re looking for, try:

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are short-term, asset-based financing that gives businesses the power to acquire property, onboard equipment, and improve cash flow, even with bad credit. Leverage the power of your assets with a hard money loan from our network of knowledgeable private lenders. We’ll show you a range of options so you can make the best decision based on your goals.

Hard Money Loans

Line of Credit

A line of credit gives you access to working capital at your fingertips that you can tap into as needed. Choose from an asset-based secured line or a credit-based unsecured line from our lenders. With lower interest rates and higher credit limits than business credit cards, you’ll find a line of credit that meets your needs.

Line of Credit




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