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With the rise of AI and IoT technologies, innovation is happening faster now than ever before. In every industry, new tools and equipment are changing the way we do business. Keeping up with advancements, however, can be tricky. New equipment can be expensive and logistically problematic. How do you onboard new machines without putting a pause on production? The answer is by utilizing equipment financing. Sell, upgrade, and train on new tech while retaining use of your existing equipment. Take your time to thoroughly understand your new equipment before you transition. Our brokers help you leverage your existing equity to get the best deals.

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Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are designed specifically to make it easier for your business to afford the equipment, computers, and software it needs. You can finance everything from heavy machinery to office copiers with an equipment loan from our network of lenders. Choose short-term financing if you want to pay off the loan quickly or long-term financing up to 10 years. Asset-based and SBA loans give you low interest rates on equipment financing, even if you have bad credit. Private lenders offer financing without the restrictions and lengthy approval process of traditional bank loans. Financing your new equipment saves you the upfront costs associated with buying outright, so you can put more capital into investments. Grow your business and improve your workflow at the same time! No matter what industry you’re in, we can help. Speak with our brokers to learn more about how equipment loans can move your business forward.

Equipment Lease

Buying equipment, even with financing, isn’t the right situation for every business. Leasing is a viable short-term option for those looking to try before they buy. If technology moves fast in your industry, it doesn’t always pay to jump on the latest trend. You can lease the latest equipment before you buy or upgrade to the newest model at the end of your lease. There’s no need to find a buyer to offload your old equipment each time you upgrade. Most leases come with maintenance and repairs included, so your team can stay focused on what matters. Leasing gives your business more flexibility than an equipment loan and works best when the equipment you use needs to be replaced in five years or less. You have options when it comes to lease terms and rates, so be sure to connect with a professional broker to compare the best deals.


Many business owners don’t know that they can generate capital from their equipment without having to give it up. A sale-leaseback lets you sell your equipment for a lump sum based on the equipment’s value. Then, lease the equipment back from the buyer for a monthly or quarterly payment. A sale-leaseback has all the benefits of both sales and leasing, so you can boost cash flow without disrupting production. When the lease term is up, you can buy back your equipment, upgrade to the latest model, or continue to lease. When you need extra working capital, leverage the power of your equipment’s equity to get what you need. Hire more staff, cover unexpected expenses, or launch a new product line with the funding generated from a sale-leaseback. Ask a broker to walk you through the advantages of a sale-leaseback today. We’ll help you get the most value for your existing equipment.

Hard Money Loans

Whether you need new equipment or need working capital, a hard money loan can make it happen. Use a hard money loan to secure funding for new equipment without a lengthy credit check and application process. Or, use the equipment you have now to secure a hard money loan for working capital to use elsewhere in your business. Hard money loans can be approved much faster than traditional term loans – in as little as 24 hours! These loans are short-term so you won’t be stuck paying interest for the next decade. When you need to move quickly, speak with a qualified broker about hard money loans. Hard money loans are asset-based, focusing on the value of your equipment, not on your credit score. This makes them ideal for startups, new investors, and those without a strong credit history. Leverage the equity in your business assets to get the cash you need now.


If new tech/equipment isn’t what you’re looking for, try:

SBA 7(a) & 504 Loan

Fund real estate, equipment, refinancing, and working capital needs with a low-interest-rate loan from the SBA. If you’ve been turned down by lenders before, the SBA is a great option! Choose fixed or variable rate loans with low down payment requirements. Ask us for more information!

SBA 7(a) & 504 Loans

Bridge Loan

When you’re waiting for long-term financing, but need cash now, a bridge loan is the way to go. Bridge loans are short-term loans that can take you from today’s cash needs to tomorrow’s long-term financing. Ask a broker how to put a bridge loan to work for your company today.

Bridge Loans




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