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Don’t let high-interest loans drag your business down. With debt restructuring solutions from our brokers, you’ll learn how to manage debt and position your business for the best financing in the future.


There’s more than one way to free yourself from high-interest debt, but some strategies are more efficient than others. While it’s always a good idea to make regular monthly payments on your loans, you’ll save every month by refinancing into a more affordable loan. You’ll free up cash flow to use toward growth instead of just treading water. The type of debt you pay and when has a big impact on your business and personal credit scores. That’s why it’s important to get the right credit advice. We work with businesses and lenders every day, to position companies for the best possible financing. Leverage our expertise in debt management today.

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Consolidation Loans

Juggling debt is nobody’s favorite task, but it’s often a reality in our economic climate. The more debts you have, the easier it is to lose track of which payment goes where and when. Overdraft charges, late fees, and service interruptions can pile up until they threaten to sink your business’s finances. When you take advantage of a consolidation loan, you put all your debts under one roof. One payment, one due date, and one lender. You can also reduce the amount of interest you pay each month, giving you more freedom with your capital. Since your old debts are paid off by the consolidation loan, it can even help raise your credit score. Take the hassle out of debt management and put all of your debt under one roof. To find out how to get the best rates on consolidation financing for your business, contact our brokers now.


Refinancing is a debt management solution that replaces your high-interest debt with a new, lower-interest loan. Your business isn’t the same as it was five years ago, so why pay the same rates as you used to? Update your loan with a refinance and free up your working capital with lower monthly payments. Refinancing pays off your old loan which can improve your credit score, making you eligible for future financing at a lower rate. Refinancing is different from consolidation loans and loan restructuring. Consolidation loans gather multiple debts under one roof, while refinancing addresses one debt at a time. Restructuring negotiates the terms of your current loan with the same lender. When you refinance, you start fresh with a new loan. To find out more about refinancing and other debt management solutions, speak with our professional brokers. Helping you succeed is our business because, when you succeed, so do we!

Credit Repair

Consolidation and refinancing are just a few of the many credit repair solutions we have to offer. Credit repair takes an overview of your debt management strategy to identify target areas so you’re using your resources most efficiently. Replace high-cost financing with low-interest loans, address inaccuracies in your credit report, and boost your score when you work with our brokerage team. We’ll show you which debt is hurting your business the most and how to address it effectively. Enjoy increased capital, reduce your accounting woes, and position your business for the best rates in the market the next time you need a loan. The longer you wait to address credit problems, the bigger they get. When you tackle your debt now, you’ll be in a better position to show investors how much your business is truly worth. Reach out to our debt management experts today to secure a successful tomorrow.

Increase Borrowing Potential

If you’ve tried to get a business loan and haven’t had luck with lenders, the problem could be your credit score. But, that’s not the only reason a lender might turn down your application. Depending on the financing you choose, a lack of credit history or time in business could be what’s holding you back. Some creditors will deny a loan simply because an application is incomplete. If you work in an industry that lenders consider high-risk, you could also meet resistance when you go to borrow. Our brokers work with businesses and lenders every day, so we know what works. We’ll help you build credit and experience so lenders will compete for your business the next time you seek a loan. We can match you with the right lenders who specialize in your industry or loan type, help you build a complete application, and get the financing you need.


If debt restructuring isn’t what you’re looking for, try:


Factoring is a debt-free way to boost your cash flow and get paid ahead of your accounts receivable. Don’t wait weeks or months for your payments to come in. Leverage the power of your invoices, contracts, and purchase orders to bring in working capital now that you don’t have to pay back.


Hard Money

Hard money loans use the power of your business assets to secure capital quickly. You don’t need good credit to take advantage of hard money loans, just valuable real estate, equipment, or inventory assets. If you’re looking for easy short-term financial solutions, call our brokers today.

Hard Money




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