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Funding the home improvement Industry

We are a team of home improvement industry veterans. We have  experienced the many ways in which access to capital can stifle or accelerate a company’s growth. These experiences led us to launch Conners Financial to rewrite the playbook for growth in the home improvement industry.


Conners Financial was founded by professionals in the home improvement industry to help those in the industry seeking financing to grow and thrive. With experience including sales, marketing, operations, management, and manufacturing, we are the financing firm with direct experience in the challenges faced by contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and sales teams. We know what it takes to succeed, and how challenging it can be to find capital in the moments when it is most urgent. Our team has built the network of lenders necessary in order to work deals to success quickly and efficiently, so your business has the least lag time between capital demand and fulfillment.

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Our mission is to serve businesses in all levels of the value chain in industries such as flooring, framing, electric and related construction/contracting industries with access to the funds necessary to fulfill jobs. We have seen again and again, the difference between success and failure in our industry is the capacity to deliver, and the greatest factor in success is access to the capital to acquire the resources to turn job orders into finished, delivered goods. 

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Our Vision

We work toward a business financing environment where anyone in the materials, installation and construction fields has dynamic access to the right kind of capital – property, equipment, working capital, P.O. or Accounts Receivable factoring and financing. With capital capacity, business leaders can focus on sourcing and fulfilling jobs, building their brand presence, and becoming true partners to their valued clientele. 

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We value hard work, focus, transparency, and on-time delivery. We also commit to providing the insights that come from sourcing, empowering businesses to make sound financing decisions over time.